Event and meeting space request form

The Stand has a compact but comfortable space available near Broadway Avenue available for meetings and community events.

Important things to note about our space

Our space is multi-functional, and we work around each other’s uses of the space.


During the day (9AM to 5PM), our space is used for co-working. If you are interested in co-working, contact us.


  • Meetings take place outside of co-working hours (after 5 PM, Monday-Friday, or any available time on Saturday/Sunday).
  • Meetings happen in the meeting room.
  • The meeting room is compact but can be arranged in a number of ways. It can hold from 6-16 people based on how it is set up. See possibilities below.


  • Events take place outside of co-working hours (after 5 PM, Monday-Friday, or any available time on Saturday/Sunday).
  • Events can take up both the meeting space and the extended space that is part of the bookstore.
  • Events require Turning the Tide staff or a volunteer from The Stand to let people into the space.
  • The capacity for events is about 45. See possibilities for arranging the space below.

How to book the space for a meeting or an event

Look to see if a date and time that works for you is open on the calendar below. If the day only says ‘9-5 Co-working’ the date is likely open.

Once you have a date and time in mind, scroll down to the booking form.

Event Booking Request Form

  • Name of organization or group that is hosting the meeting.
  • Who can we call to finalize this booking?
  • (Eg. Book launch, organizing meeting, poetry reading, etc.)
  • :
  • :
  • Can you list some alternate dates and times if your preferred date above isn't available?
  • The Stand can make room for 45 people depending on the meeting/event type. See here for available layout options. (Add hyper link to layout diagrams)
  • Can you tell us something more about the event or meeting? For private events, it could be something short like "Monthly meeting of the Saskatchewan Sustainable Food Network." If it's a public event, add your promotional text for the event (up to 1000 characters).
  • Let us know any other details about your event that you think we should know. If you have questions about the space please also ask them here!
  • You'll need to pick up keys the day before or day of the event and return them within 2 days after the event during Turning The Tide business hours (Mon - Sat 10am-6pm). You'll be given an invoice when you pick up the keys. Payment is due within 7 days of the event. You'll be responsible for set-up (chairs, etc.) and tear-down/clean up for their event (including sweeping/mopping floors, wiping tabletops,dishes.etc.) You must be in attendance for the duration of their event and lock-up.