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Statement of Solidarity for Wet’suet’en & Unifor & Condemnation of Police Suppression

Issued by

The Stand Community Organizing Centre, Mother Earth Justice Advocates, Hands Off Latin America Treaty 6, Food Not Bombs Saskatoon

This statement will be delivered to

John Horgan + 6 more | click to show/hide
  • Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister
  • John Horgan, Premier of British Columbia
  • Bill Blair, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency
  • Christine Tell, Minister of Corrections and Policing
  • Scott Moe, Premier of Saskatchewan
  • Troy Hogan, Chief of Regina Police Service
  • Michael Fougere, Mayor of Regina
  • All Regina City Councillors

We condemn the use of police force to suppress people defending their rights and call on Justin Trudeau, John Horgan, Scott Moe, and all officials listed below to immediately end their attacks on Indigenous and workers’ rights.

Western Canada stands at a crossroads. The economy increasingly benefits a select few. Today, workers and Indigenous communities are standing on the frontlines against an economy where huge profits are flowing to those at the top at the expense of Indigenous sovereignty, workers rights, and the environment.

Currently, in Northern BC, Wet’suwet’en land defenders are struggling against the construction of an LNG pipeline through their traditional territories at the same time as Unifor members are fighting in Regina for their pensions at the Coop Refinery Complex (CRC) that is owned and operated by Federated Cooperatives Limited (FCL).

While the assertion of Indigenous inherent rights by the Wet’suwet’en is different than Unifor’s struggle for worker rights, in both cases, both groups are struggling against powerful and vindictive companies and governments that are seemingly determined to undermine the rights and freedoms of exploited peoples.

In BC, the police are arresting and breaking barricades at the Unist’ot’en camp. In Regina, police are arresting union members and breaking their pickets and barricades.

We are witnesses as the state uses police to elevate business interests above the sovereign rights of Indigenous peoples and the rights of workers. We abhor the use of force to protect the private interests of profit accumulation for select few, while undermining the collective interests of the people and the environment.

We stand for protecting workers rights and Indigenous rights; for people to have a say in their futures; for a just transition to a future that is democratized, decolonized, and environmentally sustainable.

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Issued by

  • The Stand Community Organizing Centre
  • Mother Earth Justice Advocates
  • Hands Off Latin America Treaty 6
  • Food Not Bombs Saskatoon
  • Climate Justice Saskatoon
  • Co-op Members for Fairness

This statement will be delivered to
Justin Trudeau, John Horgan + others | click to show/hide
  • Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister
  • John Horgan, Premier of British Columbia
  • Bill Blair, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency
  • Christine Tell, Minister of Corrections and Policing
  • Scott Moe, Premier of Saskatchewan
  • Troy Hogan, Chief of Regina Police Service
  • Michael Fougere, Mayor of Regina
  • All Regina City Councillors

Signers and endorsers

Signature count

  • Dave Lyons-Morgan, Treaty 6 – Saskatoon 17-02-2020
  • Nancy Greyeyes, Turtle Island 17-02-2020
  • Bonnie Heilman, Treaty 6 Territory 18-02-2020
  • Emily Eaton, Regina 18-02-2020
  • David Camfield, Winnipeg 18-02-2020
  • Steve D’Arcy, London 18-02-2020
  • Rodolfo Pino, Saskatoon 18-02-2020
  • Jenny Dueck, Rossland 18-02-2020
  • Bessie Aida Pino, Saskatoon 18-02-2020
  • Sara Birrell, Regina 18-02-2020
  • William Arnal, Treaty four territory 18-02-2020
  • Janelle Gerard, Regina 18-02-2020
  • Carla Fehr, Saskatoon 18-02-2020
  • Kateri Hellman Pino, Saskatoon 18-02-2020
  • Rebecca Granovsky-Larsen, Regina 18-02-2020
  • Simon Granovsky-Larsen, Regina, Territory 4 18-02-2020
  • Charles Smith, Saskatoon 18-02-2020
  • Rhonda Hildebrand Gascho, Osler 18-02-2020
  • Kelti Cameron, Ottawa 18-02-2020
  • Sue Lott, Ottawa 18-02-2020
  • Manuela Valle, Saskatoon 18-02-2020
  • Yafa Jarrar, Ottawa/Unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishnaabeg People 18-02-2020
  • Cindy Hanson, Saskatoon 18-02-2020
  • Rob Ryan, Ottawa 18-02-2020
  • Aina Kagis, Regina 18-02-2020
  • Dave McDowell, Tillsonburg 18-02-2020
  • Julie Herron, Tillsonburg, Ontario 18-02-2020
  • Edward Janis, Regina 18-02-2020
  • Kevin Reis, Regina 18-02-2020
  • JoAnn Jaffe, Saskatoon 18-02-2020
  • Stu McIntyre, Napanee 18-02-2020
  • Scott Wicklund, Emerald park 18-02-2020
  • Deb Cadmus, Chestermere 18-02-2020
  • Christina Snow, Saskatoon 18-02-2020
  • Darlene Juschka, Regina 19-02-2020
  • Adrian Bird, Regina 19-02-2020
  • Natasha King, Hague 19-02-2020
  • Claire Carter, treaty 4 / regina 19-02-2020
  • James McLauchlan, Swift Current 19-02-2020
  • Cynthia Campbell, Saskatoon 19-02-2020
  • James Lawson, Victoria 19-02-2020
  • Angela Regnier, Calgary 19-02-2020
  • Chris Vance, Vancouver 19-02-2020
  • Michael Laxer, Toronto 19-02-2020
  • Chris Markevich, Campbell River 19-02-2020
  • Mabyn Armstrong, Odessa, 19-02-2020
  • Robert Small, Rorketon 19-02-2020
  • Jack Friesen, COURTENAY 19-02-2020
  • Mona Hill, regina 19-02-2020
  • sherry armstrong, Toronto 19-02-2020
  • Lawlor Wm. Lee, Toronto 19-02-2020
  • Brian Ross Ashley, Toronto 20-02-2020
  • Wilfrid Denis, Saskatoon 20-02-2020
  • Lori Hanson, Saskatoon 20-02-2020
  • Barb Byers, Regina 20-02-2020
  • Michael Bunn, Kemptville 22-02-2020
  • Robbi Humble, Treaty 4 22-02-2020
  • lois mitchell mitchell, saskatoon 23-02-2020
  • Darlene Okemaysim-Sicotte, Saskatoon 24-02-2020
  • Devon Napope, Saskatoon 24-02-2020
  • Michael Cardinal Cardinal, Onion Lake 24-02-2020
  • Grant McMurray McMurray, Saskatoon 24-02-2020
  • Don Kossick, Saskatoon 24-02-2020
  • Marcia Neault Neault, Prince Albert 24-02-2020
  • alexia olson olson, saskatoon 25-02-2020
  • Joanna Hamlin Hamlin, Vershire, Vermont, USA 25-02-2020
  • Barbara Terfloth, Christopher Lake 25-02-2020
  • Danielle Ewenin, Quinton 25-02-2020
  • Michael Simon, Prince Albert 26-02-2020
  • Jordan Cantwell Cantwell, Saskatoon 26-02-2020
  • Danielle Ewenin, Quinton 26-02-2020
  • Manuela Valle Castro, Saskatoon 28-02-2020
  • Rob Butz 18-02-2020
  • Michael Cleveland 18-02-2020
  • Peter Garden 18-02-2020
  • Janet Stoody 18-02-2020
  • Dana Durell 18-02-2020
  • James Nugent 18-02-2020
  • Eileen Bear 18-02-2020
  • Evangeline McMillan 18-02-2020
  • Erin Howell Sharpe 18-02-2020
  • Lance Protz 18-02-2020
  • Marcella & Gil Pedersen 18-02-2020
  • Jan Halvarson 18-02-2020
  • Andrew Loewen 19-02-2020
  • Max Morin 26-02-2020
  • Martha Kashap 26-02-2020
  • Erin Fletcher 27-02-2020
  • Kathi, Saskatoon 18-02-2020
  • Verna, Westerose 18-02-2020
  • Ian, Coldwater 18-02-2020
  • Eric, Saskatoon 18-02-2020
  • Elise, Saskatoon 18-02-2020
  • Linda, Edmonton 18-02-2020
  • Diana, Victoria 18-02-2020
  • Simon, Port Alberni 18-02-2020
  • Stacey, Moose Jaw 18-02-2020
  • Jaime, Regina 18-02-2020
  • Kristi, Belleville 19-02-2020
  • Glenn, Vanscoy 19-02-2020
  • Lloyd, Île-à-la-Crosse 24-02-2020
  • Erin, Saskatoon 25-02-2020